No Lock-in Contract

You can leave us at any time for any reason or no reason.

Creative Team

The Flix creative team is always on hand to provide bespoke graphics.

Digital Asset Protection

We can protect from thieves & ensure you are getting the credit you deserve.

YouTube Certified Experts

Get support & mentorship from YouTube certified experts.

Fair Contracts

Every channel is different & we offer a contract to suit you.

Support for Artists

We provide our musical partners with the platforms to get their music heard. 

YouTube Features

Partners will get access to all of YouTube’s features.

Flix Clicks

Connect with brands to gain sponsorship and brand deals.

Merch Creation

We help with the designs and sell the product for you – free of charge.

Fast Payments

We pay our partners every month no matter what they earn.

Creator Suite

The Creator Suite is pack with tools that will help you grow (more info below).


Get your content promoted on various platforms.


Every partner is given a Partnership Manager who they can contact at anytime for advice, guidance and more. Every Partnership Manager is trained to understand the business and has experience in the YouTube world.


Promotion is key to channel growth and here at Flix we promote our partners on all social media outlets, at live events and we also offer paid promotion! The Creator Suite is also the perfect place to collaborate and connect with fellow creators.


Our mentorship scheme has proven time and time again to help channels grow, this is a free service offered to all partners. All mentors are industry specialists in online and social media platforms.


The Creator Suite is an exclusive dashboard offered only to Flix Digital partners. It contains powerful tools and unique features to help you grow and connect with fellow creators. The Creator Suite is the home of all things Flix and is the centre-point for connecting, collaborating and growing.

Check out just some of what the Creator Suite has to offer below and let us empower you to grow! If you have any questions you can talk to our friendly support team here.


We understand that music is a huge part of YouTube and so we have created various tools that are designed to help musicians grow and fulfill their potential. We have a selection of Flix Clicks campaigns that are exclusive to musicians, and a dedicated section on the Creator Suite – just for them.

We will also power your creativity and help you get your music heard on a variety of different platforms.

Music & Asset Library

Our music library is packed with hundreds of music tracks and sound effects to make your video unique, and the asset library is home to unique intro templates and stock footage – all free for our partners.

Share Your Content

Forums are so 2001; use the Share Your Content app to share your best videos with your fellow creators and gain feedback and advice from YouTube-certified experts.

Collaboration Hub

The Collaboration Hub allows you to connect with and get to know like-minded creators so that you can create and grow together! The power of collaboration is at your fingertips.


We have introduced Flix Clicks as a way for all partners to earn extra ad revenue in addition to their YouTube earnings through collaboration with top brands like Sony and Netflix! Flix Digital is the only YouTube network to offer this service – it’s exclusive to us!



Potential channel growth

We want to see that you want to grow! We want consistency as well as quality, and we look for people with that ‘YouTube charm’.

Quality of content (video & audio)

Remember – you don’t have to have millions of subscribers to have great content! We look at the quality of your branding and image as well.

1000+ views per month

This is not set in stone and we do accept people with less but this is just a benchmark figure. Like we said above your content is what will get you accepted!